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Posted by: Staff | 30 June 2019

Year 7 Topic Work, Summer 2019

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In Y7 the children build on what they learnt in Y3 about the Roman invasion of Britain, broadening their perspective to discover more about the wider Roman Empire.

Y7 students develop and extend their historical skills by investigating the factors that caused the state of Rome to conquer so much of the known world. As well as being fascinating in itself, studying the growth of the Roman Empire enables the children to set key events in the Biblical narrative – including the life of Christ – in a historical context.
As part of their studies, Y7 children each write an ‘autobiography’ in the voice of a Roman soldier.

The highlight of the topic is undoubtedly the ‘live’ debate, with toga costumes, between Caesar (and his senators) and Pompey (and his senators) about whether the Empire should invade Britain.