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Posted by: Staff | 28 June 2019

Year 2 Topic Work, Summer 2019

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In the first part of this term, we built on last year’s work on habitats and have investigated the creatures and plants that live in a pond.

The children have studied the life cycle of a frog and have each produced an information book about frogs; the project culminated in the Year 2 children presenting what they have learned to Year 1 children. We have watched the tadpoles in our tank in the classroom grow into froglets and now into big grown-up frogs! In July we are going pond-dipping at Fiddlers Ferry to see for ourselves some of the other creatures that make their home in ponds.

We have looked at ponds and water in art, focusing on the work of Claude Monet.
Here are some of our own paintings in the style of Monet’s The water lily pond.

Following on from last year’s work about local habitats, this year we have been investigating two contrasting human habitats in the UK – a rural island community in Scotland and our own city here on the River Mersey. Building on the geography work done last year, the children have also created their own map of Overbury Street.
By studying conventional and aerial maps of the island of Coll and Liverpool, we discovered both communities are situated near the seashore. So we have been finding out more about the human and physical features of coastal areas, and the amazing creatures that live on the seashore. We have investigated how people have used beaches for holidays, both now and in the past. We are really looking forward to our end-of-term trip to Ainsdale Beach!

A highlight of the topic was taking a ferry ‘cross the Mersey. We sketched the Liverpool skyline and wrote our own ‘postcards from Liverpool’ describing some of the landmarks and features of our city.

The children enjoyed identifying the different buildings along the Liverpool waterfront and completed their pencil sketches in art.

Mrs Merrison