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Posted by: Staff | 28 June 2019

Year 1 Topic Work, Summer 2019

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This term we have been exploring the topic of plants.

In Science we thought about the purpose of plants in creation. We looked at how plants provide food and habitats for humans and animals. Then we planted a variety of vegetable seeds (together with our friends from Y9) and took part in an experiment to see what conditions plants needed to grow.

In Design and Technology, we designed, created and evaluated delicious fruit and vegetable salads. With the help of the ‘goodness gang’, we thought about healthy choices that we can make about food, rest and exercise.

In Art we drew some beautiful pastel pictures of bluebells and carefully constructed our own funky fruit friends.
Since half-term, we have been exploring habitats further through the topic of homes.

In Geography we have been finding out about the different types of homes that people live in and developing mapping skills through an exploration of Overbury Street. The children will build on this experience in Year 2 and also later when they when they undertake a historical study of changing land use in our area in Year 9.
In Art the children have been developing their teamwork skills as they work in groups to create models of different types of buildings.
In Science we have been investigating the homes of bees. We have been finding out about the different roles that bees have in their communities. We have learnt how each bee plays its own part in the life of the hive just like we do in our human communities.

Miss Dowrick