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Posted by: Staff | 22 Mar 2014

BBC News School Report, Y8 - World Book Day

In 2014 Y8 CFS are be taking part in the BBC News School Report. Since 2007, BBC News School Report has been giving 11-16 year-olds across the UK the opportunity to make and broadcast their own news. Pupils made the news for real on 27 March 2014 as they filmed their own new reports for a real audience. Before this the pupils prepared for the big day and one of their first reports was about the School's World Book Day.






















World Book Day is a yearly spring time event where you dress up as a book  character. The first time world book day was celebrated, was on the 23 April 1995.This year it’s the 17th year of world book day!

In our school we had a special assembly and did a poster competition for different years. The winners received book vouchers. The year groups involved in the book day were Reception to year 8. Some year groups had tea parties, talked about their favourite books and read an extract from their favourite book.

I really enjoyed world book day, (seeing as it was our first time doing it) instead of staying in my uniform. The atmosphere was very uplifting and happy. Everyone had wonderful costumes: I dressed up as a special police lady, other people wore onesies (it was a warm day so I do feel sorry for them). My favourite book would be ‘Little Darlings’ by Jacqueline Wilson. My Favourite author is also Jacqueline Wilson because in her books she relates to life and just doesn’t make it up as she goes a long.

The Day was a huge success the school hopes to repeat it again... so see you in your costume same time next year!  

By Chinelo Mpetha

World Book Day was on Friday7th March 2014. It is a celebration about books and people. People can read in England but in some countries they can’t read. Some of the little ones dressed up as princesses and Super Heroes and horse riders. We did a poster competition in each class up to year 8 and they were all very good. There was a winner and a Highly Commended. World Book Day is normally on the 23rd of April which is on William Shakespeare’s birthday. In our 3rd lesson we spent 20 minutes reading and until 12.30 we talked about the book we read and had a little party. My favourite book is called Neptune by Pippa Funnel.

By Leah Ledson