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Posted by: Staff | 09 Oct 2013

“We Are the World” Flag project by Y8

This project was done with Y8 pupils. We wanted to create a piece of art work which celebrated all the different nations which pupils in our school represent. We were keen to reflect a unity within the school community and the hope of unity in the wider world.

Our starting point was national flags, but the idea progressed to a more personal response of hands interlocked. The hands represent our desire to work together as a school community and to interact lovingly with the wider world.

The first part of the project involved pupils making flags using collage. They used magazines and a variety of tissue, crepe, poster paper and cellophane for this.

Following that, pupils got into groups of three to make their hand moulds.

One pupil had to grasp the arm of another pupil and the third pupil had to make the mould.

Firstly the pupils gathered their materials:
mud-roc (a bandage type material imbued in plaster of Paris), scissors and warm water in a tub. The mud-roc had to be cut into strips, larger ones for the back of the hand and smaller ones for the fingers.

The pupil whose hand was being used as a mould had to cover their hand and lower arm in vaseline so that the plaster would not stick to them. They had to hold the arm of the second pupil to get the curved shape needed and stay very still.

The third pupil dipped the plaster strips in the water and layered them, overlapping over the back of the hand and fingers. They then had to wait for the mud-roc to dry which took around 7 minutes and ease it gently off the first pupil. The caste then needed to be trimmed to get rid of loose and rough edges.

The pupils then rotated jobs so that they all posed and made a caste.

Once all the castes were made, they were covered with PVA glue to toughen them. After they had dried pupils painted on the flags using bright acrylic paints. They were then sealed with a plastic resin.

We made an equal amount of right and left hands, so that they could be arranged around a frame, in opposite directions and link together evenly at the top.

Finally we fixed the hands using thin wire to the chicken wire frame strengthened with metal rods. This was then hung from the ceiling in the entrance hall on front of the background of collaged flags.

Mrs J Tasker