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Posted by: Staff | 18 July 2012

Year 8 Trip to Walker Art Gallery

Year 8 ArtworkOn 5th July Year 8 went on an Art trip to the Walker Art Gallery. The main purpose of the trip was to look at some original Impressionist paintings and to visit the Rolf Harris exhibition. In recent years Rolf Harris has endeavoured to reproduce some of the iconic Impressionist paintings of Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. I wanted the children to see these paintings as they had just completed a project where they had copied a painting of their choice from Monet - all the six paintings in this blog were created by the pupils.

We went by 79 bus and were very fortunate to have a bus driver who waived us on and refused to take our money!! That meant a bit of extra spending money for the children which they were very grateful for! It was a beautiful sunny day and we had our lunch in the gardens behind St George's Hall.

Year 8 ArtworkOn arrival we first looked at a couple of paintings from the period of "realism" preceding the Impressionists. We then went on to compare these with an original Monet seascape and other Impressionist paintings. The pupils saw first-hand the broken brush strokes which they had been imitating in class, in order to bring movement and energy to their pictures.

We then went to the Rolf Harris exhibition where we watched a film of Rolf copying a famous painting of Monet's garden and a Van Gogh painting of a church. Rolf's finished pieces of these works were on display for the children to view.

Following the focus on Impressionism the children had about an hour to wander around the gallery and make a sketch of any picture or sculpture they were drawn to. Some of them bought postcards of the pictures they liked and some of them bought snacks and drinks!

On the way back we had to pay on the bus, but a good AND educational time was had by all.

Mrs Tasker

Year 8 ArtworkYear 8 Artwork



Year 8 Artwork


Year 8 Artwork