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Posted by: Staff | 15 July 2012

Reception & Year 1 Church Farm Trip

On Thursday 12th June, Reception and Year 1 children went to visit Church Farm. On arrival to the farm we were greeted by Farmer Johnny who cares for all of the animals and crops on the farm.

After we had dropped off our lunches and other belongings, 24 very excited children clambered aboard Farmer Johnny’s tractor for our bumpy tractor ride around his busy farmyard. The first stop: strawberry picking! Delicious.

After we had our fill of juicy and sweet strawberries, it was back onto the tractor for some hard work. Next stop: feeding the animals.

The children had the opportunity to get up close with larger farm animals such as donkeys, horses, pigs, sheep and alpacas. As Farmer Johnny fed the animals their special food he talked to us about how he cares for each animal.
Our hard work didn’t stop there and we had to pay a visit to the Hen house to help Farmer Johnny collect the freshly laid eggs.

Before having our lunch we were able to stroke and hold 4 week old ducklings, guinea pigs and rabbits. We even got to see some eggs being kept warm in an incubator.

After lunch the children had an a-maze-ing time, trying to get through the maze in the adventure playground as well as having great fun playing in the sandpit and getting to ride toy tractors.

Year 3 Chester Roman Soldier Tour

Although the weather was wet and drizzly, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of 15 very excited children.
On arrival to Grosvenor Museum, we were greeted by our very own Roman Soldier! Our hard work was about to begin as a new recruit to the Roman Army.

We listened very carefully to our orders and instructions on how to put on our armour and in record breaking time we were transformed into Roman soldiers, dressed for battle! Before battle we are given an insight into the life of a Roman Soldier and the challenges he must endure! Now we were ready to begin our patrol of Chester.

Our first place to visit as a Roman Soldier, were the Roman Gardens. Here, there is a reconstructed hypocaust which was the Roman system of under floor heating.

We listened very carefully and found out why taking a bath during Roman times could take you the whole day.

Our last stop on the tour was a visit to the remains of the amphitheatre. Here, we found out why amphitheatres were built and what happened in them during large events.

Some children had the opportunity to have their photograph taken with the Roman Soldier.

Miss Wilkinson