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What is SMSC?

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including citizenship and personal development, is a strong feature of CFS. It is taught throughout the curriculum and is informed by the ethos, vision, values and mission of our school. At CFS we put a strong emphasis on the development of character to fulfil our Biblical mandate to become effective global citizens, serving our community, the city and beyond, developing young people who are engaged and active citizens in modern Britain. We pursue the aim of becoming increasingly Christ-centred in all aspects of teaching and learning and community life.

What does SMSC look like at our school?

Spiritual : “We are a worshipping community with a love of learning.”

Pupils develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence, use imagination and creativity and reflect through:

Some examples of opportunities for Spiritual development in our school.

Moral Development : “We make good choices.”
Pupils recognise right and wrong, understand consequences, investigate moral and ethical issues, offer reasoned views and respect the civil and criminal law of England through:

Some examples of opportunities for Moral development in our school.

Social Development: “We are equipped to serve others.”
Pupils use social skills, work well with others, resolve conflicts and understand how they can contribute positively to those in the school, community and to society more widely through:

Some examples of opportunities for Social development in our school.

Cultural Development: “We celebrate cultural diversity and love our neighbours”.
Pupils show understanding and love for those from different cultural traditions by appreciating and respecting their own and other cultures through:

Some examples of opportunities for Cultural development in our school.