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Sep, 2018:
2018 Exam Results

Mar, 2017:
Ofsted report
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Oct, 2016:
Our 3 Year Plan

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For a fully appreciation of the format of your child’s report, progress and predicted future progress; you are encouraged to read this page and to download the reference chart>

The abbreviations exp, exp+ and exp- used on the report are designed to help you interpret your child’s attainment levels in the light of national averages. The average bands are shown on the chart for each year group.

Pupils are expected to progress 2 sub- levels (c,b,a) at least each year. The main levels are 1-9. Sub level “c” means that a child has begun the new level. “b” means that they are working within the level and “a” towards completing the level. Your child’s performance will fluctuate to some degree and so there is only an 80% accuracy in the sub-levels reported.

Exp. This means that your child is within the level expected or the broad average for their year group. If they maintain steady progress, they should achieve “C” grade at GCSE. Of course if at the lower end of expected, they may be borderline C/D or D.
Exp+ This means that your child is performing above the national average bands for their age group/year group. They should be in line for the higher exam grades at age 16 (B-A*)
Exp- This means that you child has some learning gaps or is struggling with a learning difficulty or is in a lower ability band generally. They are working below national averages and would be predicted lower grades at GCSE or alternative courses.

Parents’ evenings are for you to take advice about how to support and challenge your child. The teachers will indicate targets to aim at.

Making Progress
If a child moves levels in line with the “expected” each year or keep the same position in relation to the expected, they will be making good progress. If they catch up or move higher than the previous year, they will have made very good progress.
Some keys to very good progress for parents to use, include:
- Excellent attendance
- Excellent homework habits with parent interaction
- Excellent motivation
- Excellent attention and teachable attitudes
- Pupils taking responsibility for making progress.