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Posted by: Pupils | 20 November 2012

Year 10 Netherlands Exchange

Each summer term the Year 10 class gets the opportunity to go to the Netherlands in a school exchange with Jacobus Fruytier School.

Quarry Bank MillWhilst we are over there experiencing and learning more of their culture, a group their students come and stay with several families in CFS gaining more knowledge of English culture and the language.

So, last June my class flew out there for five days and had a really great time getting to know some of the students from the school and their families, as well as going out on all sorts of trips together.
When we arrived there we were split into pairs or groups of twos and threes, and then we were introduced to our families that we would be staying with for the rest of the week.
I had the privilege of staying with a lovely family who lived in a sub-urban village about 1 hour away from the school. Throughout the week I was able to spend time getting to know them in some afterschool activities such as going out on walks, or playing games with them etc. Some of the other members my class did different activities with their families such as bowling, football, cycling and even water skiing!
Despite taking an hour trip to school every morning I managed to still have enough energy to take part in all the activities that the students from Jacobus Fruytier had in store for us.

Some of these included working together in groups to create presentations and dramas, a trip to one of Queen Beatrix’s palaces, a barbecue midweek and a special art lesson where two members of my class had to dress in traditional Dutch clothing and we had to draw them.

When it came to us having to leave, there were several people who were very reluctant in saying goodbye.


John Farrington