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Posted by: Pupils | 09 April 2012

Year 11 London Trip

Year 11 visited London on 5th March 2012 and some of the pupils have described the trip below:

The London trip was very educative and fun at the same time. We were able to have a graphic insight on what the Houses of Parliament are about. As well as being a good source of exercise, the trip was helpful for our understanding of the system that is “The House of Commons”. We were also delighted when the Prime Minister unexpectedly walked in and brought along his opposition in Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, and his fellow conservative, William Hague. They were debating Britain’s decision on whether to join the Euro or not (signing a treaty). It was a very loud and flamboyant debate that was easy to get entranced by. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Guy Hollywood

Last Monday my class had been offered a chance to go to London for a day to visit numerous things. One of the best and most exhilarating things was the chance to go to the House of Commons and assist a debate on work experience. Moreover, what made the trip even better was the appearance of the prime minister himself in the middle of the debate. He gave out his (prime ministers statement) statement. It was extremely interesting listening to the opposition giving its views on the current affairs and the statement.

Gug Marenco

The London trip was very interesting. After what felt like a 10 hour train ride, we walked down to the Tower of London. It was there when we went on a boat across the river Thames. As we went along the river we saw all the sights. We went past the London Eye and many others. The tour guide told us many unknown facts about historical buildings which we found really interesting, Even though it was freezing cold we still enjoyed it.

Daniel Latham

At the beginning of the day, we all met at Liverpool Lime Street station at 8:30am. The Virgin train journey lasted two hours long but we entertained ourselves. We arrived at Euston station, London, at 10:56am. Our class then took the underground from Euston to the Tower of London. So far so good. Once we got to the Tower of London, Mr Worsley talked to the class about where we were and the importance of our current location. The class then crossed the pedestrianised area to Tower Pier. We then had lunch for half an hour. I had an extremely tasty sandwich.

After lunch we rushed to the ferry which took us across the river Thames to Westminster Pier. More walking, more fun. We used the subway to cross Victoria Embankment to reach Portcullis House for 1:30pm. Now coming up to probably the best part of the trip, we entered Parliament. After a long security check, we had our meeting with Luciana Berger MP (Member of Parliament) from Wavertree. This was very interesting and she displayed alertness after noticing Guy’s (a classmate) lack of concentration after a question. She dealt with it well and in a jokingly manner. We then went on half of our tour of Parliament which was interesting. We observed the House of Commons. We were specially privileged to see David Cameron, the Prime Minister, and Ed Miliband, the leader of the Opposition, in a friendly fought debate. Our very own Luciana Berger attended. We then finished our tour of Parliament.

After this surprise, I was feeling quite hungry but we still had to walk a while. We left Parliament and walked down Whitehall past the Cenotaph and Downing Street, through to Horse Guards, Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, and Covent Garden.

We finished a great day with some pizza from Pizza Hut. Lovely jubbly! After dinner we made our way from Charing Cross tube station to Euston tube station. From there we went to Liverpool Lime Street station and arrived at 10:20pm. I had a very good time.

Joshua Olusunmade

On Monday 5th March, my class and I went on a trip to London. Something that I really enjoyed was when we went to the House of Commons and watched a debate. The main thing that I enjoyed about it was the unexpected arrival of David Cameron, the Prime Minister. He came in to make the Prime Minister’s statement. It was so unexpected because he normally goes on a Wednesday, this was a Monday. The other thing I really enjoyed was going on a ferry down the Thames and seeing all the sights of London like the London Eye and Big Ben. It was a great trip and I really enjoyed it!

Oliver Peel