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Posted by: Pupils | 27 March 2012

Praise Psalms

Year 3 have been studying Psalms of Praise, and were given the task of writing their own. Here are two wonderful examples:

Praise God for the beautiful bright luminous colours in the rainbows, the crimson red, the indigo bluebells and the golden dancing daffodils. Give thanks for the joy, happiness and blessing of the love of family and friends.
Give God the glory for golden, glittering, glimmering sun. Thank God for the power and energy of the swift, swooping, wise and wonderful birds of prey.

Thank you Father God for glorious swirling snowflakes in winter wonderlands. Praise Him for the colour of blue shimmering sea with splashing dolphins swimming. Thank God for the blessing of a lovely life to live. Give thanks to God for creatures that sing jubilantly on a summer’s morning. Praise the Lord for wonderful whistling wind on an autumn’s morning. Thank God for fabulous food and water. Thank you God you’re there and that you listen to my prayer. Praise Him for He is majestic in His name. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Amy Johnson, Year 3

Praise God for mighty, strong, dense, massive mountains. Thank you God for the golden, beautiful shimmering sun. Praise Him for the jubilant birds singing in the shimmering sun. Thank Him for the beautiful birds and butterflies on a breezy, frosty morning. Praise the Lord for scarlet red, burning volcanoes in the rocky, deserted place.

Praise the mighty God for His strength and beautiful creatures He has made. Thank the mighty God for mighty sharks going at top speed to catch their prey in the vast ocean. Give thanks to God for speedy cheetahs stalking their prey. Thank you God the Father for our very best wonderful friends and family. Give God the glory for creepy spiders and the massive tarantulas that paralyse their prey. Thank the almighty God for the heavens and the earth. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Jacob Beesley, Year 3