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Posted by: Pupils | 18 March 2010

Lord Mayor's Visit

On Thursday 18th March 2010, The Lord Mayor visited our school. He came to talk about citizenship. The whole school was very excited because the Lord Mayor had never come before.

Firstly the Lord Mayor introduced himself and started to talk about people he had met who cared about others. When he had finished talking he gave out 6 awards (certificates) for people who had helped others in the community. First to win an award was Jasmine Preston, for helping the elderly. Next to win an award was Daisy Burns, for raising money for Tear Fund. After that Sophia Lawrence was awarded for saving her sister’s life, and lastly Marcus Simon and I got an award for helping Haiti by doing a cake sale to raise money.

The citizenship award for the year went to Cherry Farrington. She received a heavy trophy and a certificate. Cherry was awarded this because she has been working with children visiting families and helping others at school.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Lord Mayor coming to our school and it was a privilege meeting him and I hope he will come again.