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Posted by: Pupils | 09 June 2009

This a piece of creative writing by Daniel Lawrence a Year 3 pupil.

A setting

A castle hung on a grey, weeded cliff as if every minute it would tumble off into a deep ravine. Its windows were dimly lit and a grey, green, purplish fog hung everywhere. The gatehouse was almost invisible because the fog was thick around that area. Tall pointed towers stood up as straight as soldiers. The cliff that it was on was crumbled and eroded. Many battles had been fought on the ground before the building. The moat was filled with waste and the armour of many battles. The north wall was partly broken down by battering rams from long ago. The dungeons in the castle were overrun with rats. They were smelly, damp, dark, flooded and terrifying. A tattered flag hung from a pole on a tower.

The beach was deserted, waves lapped up against the rugged grey cliff. Grassy clumps hung on to the cliff face with roots weakened by every gust of wind. Pebbles clashed together with a "clink, clink, clink." The moon disappeared every few seconds behind a racing cloud. Wind whistled through caves like a howling wolf.

Editor's note: I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing by Daniel Lawrence (Y3); I'm sure that you will agree with me that it is very impressive. We will be publishing more pupil's work in future.