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Posted by: Pupils | 20 October 2017

CFS Online Pupils Newspaper

Hello! Jeremy Prince, editor-in-chief of this new news blog here. Iím so excited to finally post this first article. Itís been a long, uphill journey for me and to be able to share this first article with you is a true blessing. The purpose of this blog is to make news accessible to Middle Schoolers and instill an interest for current affairs in them, to provide a Christian voice to a world that needs it. I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoyed editing them.

RyanAir Cancel over 2000 Flights

Image by Adrian Pingstone (transferred from English Wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Last month Ryanair were all over the news due to a major mess up in the annual leave schedules for pilots.

At least a year ago, there was some new legislation implemented which said that the annual leave of businesses employees could no longer be from the beginning of April, to the end of March but from the beginning of January to the end of December.

Ryanair obviously knew something about this but decided to only notify their employees of this a few weeks ago. This came as a shock to employees and so they have all booked their four weeks of annual holiday at the same time. This has caused many flights to be delayed as pilots are not available as they are on annual leave. An average of 50 flights have been cancelled each day for the next six weeks. This is bad management from Ryanair’s point of view.

The main cause for the issue is the lack of slack in the system. This means that if something goes wrong, for instance a flight crew are unable to man a flight, there is no reserve crew or pilots so the flight must be cancelled.

The result of the many cancellations is that holiday-makers who use Ryanair have been unable to get to or from their holidays which can cause considerable financial problems for customers.

So what is Ryanair going to do about it? Well, the CEO, Mike O’Leary has said he will do everything he is legally required to do but nothing else. The compensation for rebooking all cancelled flights would amount to £17.6 million which may seem a lot, but considering they posted record profits last year which amounted to approximately £1.04 billion; in the grand scheme of things it would not affect the company in a massive way financially, and might improve the company’s reputation with the general public.

In my opinion, Ryanair should provide a full refund to customers and repay any other costs incurred. This would not only be good from a commercial point-of-view but also from an ethical one. Ryanair has three main stakeholders that they need to worry about right now: the customers, employees and shareholders. Mike O’Leary is mainly worried about his shareholders.

However, from a Biblical perspective, he should be just as worried about his customers and employees because he is responsible for them. Biblical teaching dictates people be allowed to rest, in accordance with the Sabbath principle as this allow them to reach their full potential, so Ryanair is doing right to allow pilots to take their holidays. Ryanair’s mistake was not to apply the Sabbath principle to themselves and going for maximum efficiency without building any slack into their system.

Overall, Ryanair messed up, however it’s not the end of the world for the company. They can still go to some measures to make it up to customers and improve their public relations.

Jeremy Prince