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Posted by: Pupils | 28 November 2016

International Justice Mission

On Friday 25 November in assembly, we learned about International Justice Mission (IJM) and about what they do to help people who are in slavery around the world. You might not know it but 36-46 million people around the world are in slavery. IJM is helping 21 million people who are in slavery by separating the slave owner and the slave. They do this by putting loads of people in between them. These are people like an investigator (from IJM), the police, a social worker, a lawyer, a judge and the government. By the end of this the slave and the slave owners are completely separated.

We also learned three steps about what to do when dealing with this situation:

Map = Knowledge - we need to have the knowledge about slavery and what to do.
Compass = Holy Spirit/Prayer - we need to pray for God to help us know what to do in situations like this
Boots = Ready to take Action. We can take action ourselves by praying, fund-raising to support IJM’s work or even going ourselves to investigate and rescue slaves when we are older.

Later we learned about a young man called Gideon. He doesn't know his age and was taken from his mother at a young age to Lake Volta and forced to work for little pay. His brother was also taken and forced to work too and he is only 7. IJM helped Gideon get away from his boss but sadly his brother is still there and so are many others so please pray for the slaves around the world.

Here is what some Upper School students said afterwards:
“What especially stood out for me was the amount of people the IJM are helping be free / freeing and giving them a new life. 36 million people is a lot of people in slavery and it is amazing that IJM is helping to protect 21 million people through their action.” G
“This (rescuing and restoring slaves)I is something I would really like to get involved in the future.” C
“I found Esther’s presentation very thought provoking and it angered me to think that these terrible things going on in the world. She ended by saying that there is still hope for these people and I am very encouraged by that. I am extremely thankful for the work that IJM are doing and would encourage them massively.” Z
“I felt that my compass (for prayer) was directed towards the evils of the First World, mainly greed. Inspiring and informative.” J
“I didn’t realise that so many people were still in slavery and that it’s such a huge problem still. It surprised me that the equivalent of the population of Canada is still currently in slavery. It affected me personally by making me realise that we have more than we need and God has truly blessed us by letting us live in safe houses, having enough food and clothes, and also the privilege of going to school every day and learning about God.” N
“The thing that stood out to me the most was that we can actually take action, even in our ordinary lives.I also noticed the logo says: quaerite iudicium sudvenite oppressum , which means in English: seek judgment, relieve the oppressed. This is not just a logo, this is their message to us . . . . . which we should take seriously.” S