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Posted by: Pupils | 11 Dec 2015

The Memory Project

You may have heard about our brilliant new program in CFS known as Equipped to Serve (ETS) in which pupils partake in a range of different activities to equip them to go out into the world and serve and bless whosoever crosses their path.

This term in ETS Year 10 students have been creating memory projects for older members of our society who are, in fact one of the most neglected people groups in our society. These memory projects have come about in many different forms, including a scrapbook with different pictures of their childhood and other significant times in their lives to jog memories when perhaps they start to fail, a book with arts and crafts inside made by the pupils themselves (which are, I must say, exquisite!), a digital presentation and a quilt!

These memory projects were made by interviewing the people themselves and recording the interviews that they did, obtaining photographs from their family, and researching more information about the times in which they lived. One of our students had a family member who was well known enough for her to search on Google and find results on him.

These Memory Projects are a really great way for young people to learn about the people who inhabited the world in their prime in older times and gain a sense of how the world used to be whilst also managing to bless some of the nation’s most neglected people in a real way that is very powerful. We have certainly enjoyed the experience of hearing stories from older members of our society and talking to them, as they can have amazing stories that would have been untold had we not had the chance to talk to them and hear of their experiences.

Sam Connolly