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Posted by: Pupils | 04 Oct 2015

What happened when we went to deliver the world leaders?

Friday 25 September was like no other Friday. At 2.30pm we went into Mrs Sharples’ car and headed towards Old Swan to take our world leader models to our MP, Luciana Berger. Emma, Olivia, Ibi, Zoe and I delivered the models to her offices on Derwent Road East.

I felt nervous and excited and we took pictures as we rang the doorbell and waited on the step. The man opened the door and took us into a staffroom. It had a small kitchen with two tables and eight chairs, plus a window with two mini lambananas in it! We laid out our world leader figures on the table and waited for Ms Berger to arrive, playing eye-spy in order to pass the time. After a few rounds she arrived.

She had a good look at our world leaders and loved them! We introduced ourselves and asked her some questions such as, ‘What is the best and the worst things about being an MP?’ She replied that the best thing is being able to help people and she told us that her office is full of thank you cards from people. She said the hardest thing is the fact that her party, the Labour Party, isn’t in government at the moment and when David Cameron does things that she doesn’t agree with then she gets sad. Overall the visit was amazing and I didn’t want it to end!

Eva, yr 6

When we went to deliver the world leaders we were very excited. As we arrived, Mrs Hanlon took a photo of us on the front steps of her offices. Mrs Sharples rang the bell,we went inside and were led into Luciana Berger’s meeting room. We took our world leaders out of the bag as, since she hadn’t arrived, we played with the models, pretending that one was David Cameron, Mrs Cameron and Luciana Berger talking to each other. It was fun!

A few minutes later Ms Berger arrived and we each gave her a message that we had rehearsed in the car. Eva explained to her about the Send My Friend to School campaign and asked her to give David Cameron our message about all the children of the world going to school. Then Zoe said her part that David Cameron had pledged with other world leaders to have all the world’s children in school by 2015. She said how this goal hadn’t been reached – although progress had been made – and that the leaders needed to carry on trying.

After Zoe it was Olivia’s turn to talk about how sad it was that some children out there don’t know how to read or even count to ten! Next Emma saidthat countries need to train more teachers so that they can teach the children.

Finally I explained about why pupils at our school had made the world leaders and that every one of them had a message on the front about what we would do, if we were world leaders, to bring more children to school. Then we asked some Ms Berger some questions. I asked what she would do if she wasn’t an MP and she said that she would be a policewoman. At the end we shook hands with her and went back to school.

Ibi, yr 5

On 25 September my friends and I went to see our local MP, Luciana Berger. We went to talk to her about the “Send my friend to school” campaign. Did you know that 58,000,000 children are still not in school? In 2000 UN World leaders said they would have all children in school by 2015, but although they promised, they still haven’t achieved it. When we arrived at Luciana’s office it was all very quiet. The receptionist said that she was running late. So he took us up a lot of winding stairs into a very snug and cosy little office with a very nice kitchen area.

We all sat down and waited for her. We heard the thudding of feet on the stairs, my heart skipped a beat and we knew that the big moment had arrived! As she walked in I relaxed. She looked very young, quite tall and totally not what I had expected her to be like! We told her why we were there and got out 3-D models made by all Middle school pupils with messages on them. She was delighted! Luciana agreed with our concerns about children not being able to go to school. She asked us to start a petition in school to get our government to do something about sending children to school around the world. Luciana would raise the petition in parliament when we have collected as many signatures as possible. I really hope all children can have an education.


Everyone was very excited to be going to meet the MP on 25 September, Luciana Berger. We were wondering what she would be like! We thought up some questions we’d like to ask her after we’d given her the World Leader models. Her office was in a big building right at the top floor. She’s really busy all day meeting different people and she came straight from an event at Tesco’s to meet us! I think we were lucky to get time to see her because she’s so busy.

She goes to London for most of the week, so Friday is when she goes to see people and has meetings in her office. She said that for MPs, going to Parliament was a bit like school that you have to go when it is open and you get the holidays off. But she doesn’t have a set timetable like we do. Every day and every week she said was always different, meeting lots of people all the time. We gave her our models and told her how important we think the Send my Friend to School campaign is. We all said a bit about why we made the models and what we would like her to do – to tell David Cameron, the Prime Minister, to tell the other World leaders to keep trying to get all children around the world a free education. She was very interested I think. She said that she has been to a poor country and there she realised that getting an education was very important to them, but also very difficult for them to get. I said that I think it is really, really sad that some children don’t know how to read or write or even to count up to 10. This means they won’t be able to get a job or money and then they won’t be able to help their own children. She agreed it was sad and that it needs to change.

I think she will tell the Prime Minister what we said and that she really wants to make a change for children. When I asked her why she became an MP, she said that she wanted to make a difference.She told us that if she wasn’t an MP she would have liked to be a police woman! I think that’s because she wants to help others. She said it’s really nice to get thank you cards from the people she’s helped and she puts them up on her wall in the office. She has a team to help her and they enjoy it too. She helps people who have animals such as dogs, and makes sure they know how to look after them properly. When we left her office we all shook her hand and we were all very smiley on the way back to school – I think I will always remember meeting her because she was really nice. We were the first school to bring the World Leader models to her so I think she will remember us too! We might do a petition to give her – she said if we do she will be able to read it out in Parliament at the end of the day and say our school’s name!