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Posted by: Pupils | 07 Feb 2015

A Rare Trip

We had the privilege as BBC school reporters to go to the University of Liverpool. I went with the group who were reporting on Ebola. In case you don’t know, Ebola is a nasty virus which can only be caught though contact with bodily fluids e.g. if you clean the vomit of someone who has the virus. We interviewed Professor Tom Solomon of the Institute of Infection and Global Health at Liverpool University. This department does not normally let children in, so we were very privileged to have an interview and a tour.

First he found out about us and I think he got the impression we are a posh expensive private school! Then we went up to his office with several identity doors to pass through. His office had an Olympic torch (which we held) and a real skull (we also held this). He had a Guiness World Record, signed Liverpool FC stuff and all sorts of other bits and bobs.

But on to the point; we found that fruit bats mainly carry the disease.

Research believes that a boy in West Africa was playing with a bat, caught Ebola, then his family got it and that’s how the outbreak began. Another interesting thing we learned was that small pox is the only virus in the world that has been wiped out completely. We weren’t allowed to go in the lab, due to the presence of hazardous chemicals, so we just looked in through the glass wall. It was amazing! I was motivated and inspired by all that I saw and pleased to think of all the work currently going on to help people fight these deadly diseases.

Chloe Gray