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Posted by: Pupils | 29 Mar 2014

Tenner Challenge

The Tenner Challenge is a worldwide organisation that gives out ten pounds to school pupils so they can make a business and learn how to run and manage it for themselves. Through out March there will be weekly competitions for schools across Britain, which will keep pupils busy and help them to understand how hard it is to run a successful business. Over 26,000 pupils have joined and are making businesses.

At Christian Fellowship School, Year 8 and 9 pupils have been partaking in the Tenner Challenge and came up with some good ideas:
- Car wash
- Recording music CDs and selling them
- Buying cheap things and re-selling them, eg. daffodils for Mothers Day
- Taking photos to make scripture verse framed pictures
- Making and selling bookmarks
- Having a trade sale in school.

We have been working really hard and experiencing how it is to own our own business. We have one month to make the most out of it. Here is what one of the pupils thinks of the Tenner Challenge:
Joy said "I think the Tenner Challenge is awesome, they’re basically helping us to know how to run and set up a business. It’s really fun and my business, which we have named CJewles is going really well. The things I am enjoying the most is the fact that I am in charge of what I am doing."

Some charities that Year 8 and 9 pupils are wanting to give to are Water Aid, NSPCC and RSPCA.