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Whilst much of a young person's development is delegated to school, it is important that a Christian school reinforces and expands the home values. e.g. treatment of others, respect for the environment, an enquiring mind and a love for God's word. We seek to provide schooling that supports the role of parents. Most members of staff, who are parents, choose CFS for their own children's education.

Several local churches are represented on the governing body/directors. We are members of Christian Schools Trust, an affiliation of 40 Christian Schools with links to European and international Christian bodies. Cultural exchange visits with a large Christian school in the Netherlands is an exciting venture begun in 2007. The Student Council reflect the partnership enjoyed with students in the development of the school.

Other Agencies

  • 5 LEAs
  • Specialist peripatetic teachers
  • Therapists
  • Counselling services
  • Psychologists
  • Assessment centres
  • Sixth Forms
  • Liverpool Hope University
  • Connexions
  • Various industries which regularly provide work experience placements.

As parent partner with the teachers this requires the teachers' frame of reference to be with a Godly context.

This involves:

  • Providing for physical health and safety, nurturing emotional development, affirming worth and identity (including gender), and the young person's place and purpose in community.
  • Teaching respect for adults who have responsibility for their safety and welfare, based on the honouring of parents and of God.
  • Nurturing the young people as they choose truthfulness, self-control, healthy relationships and right choices.
  • Teaching about all of God's works and covenant relationships, demonstrated in the history of the universe, and interpreted in the Bible.
  • Discovering God's ongoing purposes, promises and perspectives.
  • Developing understanding, creative and critical thinking.

The curriculum at Christian Fellowship School is being developed within a framework of biblical principles applied to 21st century life. Our central message is that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and that the Kingdom of God is to be worked out in all areas of society and the environment.

The school relies greatly on prayer support. Members of staff pray together regularly and periodically with governors and parents. Parents and other church members also meet in small prayer groups.

As pupils mature, the teachers' relationships with them develops into a mentoring role. As such we enjoy a sense of partnership, particularly through the work of the Year 11 prefects, house captains and student council. Pupils have initiated their own prayer meetings and there is a core of students who are able to really express their own faith and engage with the life of the school. We enjoy visits from alumni and seek an ongoing partnership.

The school fee structure is set low to minimise selection by income. This is partly by the highly committed staff who take a relatively low salary, compared to the public sector. They often contribute further on a voluntary basis. Even with this, the school can cover only the basics unless the community provides additional support. As well as financial donations, this can include volunteering of time, skills and resources.