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Sep, 2018:
2018 Exam Results

Mar, 2017:
Ofsted report
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Oct, 2016:
Our 3 Year Plan

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We are a happy school - the family atmosphere is often commented upon. We believe that this has a lot to do with the time and effort we put into developing and maintaining relationships. For us, regular times to pray together including daily worship is a vital part of life.

Learning how to learn is an important aspect of our school life. This approach respects and releases the God-given potential of young people. It enables them to experience a learning journey far richer than that contained solely in the classroom. The learning attitudes we encourage include:

We also expect that real learning will translate into wise living and lessons for life. Above all, we want young people to continue to be grounded in matters of faith and to engage confidently with issues of the day, working hard to honour Christ, serve others and steward the Earth.