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Posted by: Friends | 29 May 2012

Stainer's Crucifixion

As a very non-musical person, almost tone deaf, who rarely listens to music as a leisure activity, it might seem surprising that I was at the CFS performance of Stainer’s “Crucifixion” just before Easter 2012. But I do enjoy both seeing and hearing a good choir sing, enjoying not just the music but the sight of a group of very different individuals all working together and united in producing something beautiful.

I also wanted to support the CFS choir, many of whom I have taught at some time, and Mr Horn whose enthusiasm and commitment I really value. I was not disappointed – the evening was a wonderful experience. The standard reached by the choir was amazing, both in the solo parts, the groups and the whole choir.

The combination of the Biblical story sung with real maturity by Cameron and John, mainly, and the hymns sung by the choir was incredibly moving; in particular, the singing of The Litany of the Passion by Hannah, Emily, Guy and Ben was stunning, a perfect combination of voices. It was a joy and inspiration to see the choir, with its mixture of ages, singing together, totally absorbed and committed.

It was all over much too soon, an unforgettable evening. I don’t think anyone could have left unmoved. Many thanks to all who took part, who gave so much time and energy to put it all together to bless the audience and to bring home to us again the uncountable cost of the Easter story.

Lynda Chung