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We keep fees to a minimum in recognition of the burden on parents who choose to invest in Christian education out of a position of conviction, rather than necessarily being in a financial position of being able to afford independent education.

We do not receive funding from the government or any other external body, but the fees payable at the school are lower than most other similar independent schools.

In a spirit of partnership with parents, teachers supplement costs by accepting a substantially reduced salary. There is an assumption that the community works together collaberatively, such that parents and church communities resource the school in other ways. Voluntary work, sourcing equipment and sponsorship are examples.

The fee scale encourages parents to join CFS in lower school. If the school was to grow to its upper limit of 200 pupils, the cost per pupil would decrease.

Payment of Fees

School fees are charged annually, but for your convenience are payable by 12 equal payments, due monthly in advance. Payments are made by direct debit, and the Bursar issues the forms to parents in June so that the direct debit can be set up before the August payment is due. Alternative methods of payment may be acceptable in exceptional circumstances by special arrangement. Other charges such as for school trips may also be paid monthly, under the same scheme.

Please note the academic year finishes on 31st August and as such the final payment is due in July.

Additional Gifts

We believe it is reasonable for families with higher incomes (who can often afford to contribute more) to consider making additional monthly donations to meet the financial needs of the school; a number of families make donations of between £30 and £120 per child per month. >more

Withdrawing a Child

If, for any reason, a child is withdrawn from school, a full term's notice must be given, or a full term's fees be paid in lieu.

Fees Arrears

If payments of fees fall into arreaers for two or more months, the governors will be informed and further steps taken to recover the debt.

Review of Fees

The school governing body reviews the scale of fees in May of each year. Parents will be notified in the Summer term in time of any increase for the following year.

Admission Fee

A one-time fee of £30.00 per family is payable on entry to the school, to cover administration costs.

There are additional fees that need to be paid in special circumstances, and these are shown below.

Examination Fees

Examination fees for Years 10 and 11, are included in Upper School fees, with the exception of Trinity Performance Arts exams.


This is a weekly fee of £3.00 per pupil, paid half-termly. For those who need to purchase swimwear, a small supply are available from the office. Prices are between £6-£10 according to the size required. Caps are £1.50. Please note that the correct swimwear is navy blue.

School Trips

When pupils are taken out on educational visits. A charge is usually required to cover transport and admission fees.

Craft fees

Fees of £5.00 per term (for Lower School pupils) are payable in September to cover items such as scissors, pencils, crayons, rubbers, to cover materials used in craft related subjects.

Art/Technology fees

Fees of £3.00 per per annum (for Years 7 and 8) are payable in September.