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Finance - Fees Table 2017/18

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For new families, the School has a "First Child Free" policy for the first child for their first year, as long as they join in Lower School. This policy means that for the first child in their first year, there are no fees to pay. If two or more children from the same family join at the same time and at least one joins Lower School, then the eldest Lower School pupil will be considered to be the 'First'.

There are then two pathways, depending on whether your child is entering at Lower School (left-hand column) or Middle School onwards (right-hand column).

Standard Minimum Payments

For Children Entering at Lower School* For Children Entering at Middle School or above*
Lower School:
Years R-3 Monthly Annually
1st child 210 2,520
2nd child 210 2,520
3rd child 150 1,800
4th child 60 720
5th child 32 384
Middle School: Middle School:
Years 4-8 Monthly Annually Years 4-8 Monthly Annually
1st child 315 3,780 1st child 375 4,500
2nd child 234 2,808 2nd child 294 3,528
3rd child 150 1,800 3rd child 210 2,520
4th child 60 720 4th child 120 1,440
5th child 32 384 5th child 92 1,104
Upper School: Upper School:
Years 9-11 Monthly Annually Years 9-11 Monthly Annually
1st child 357 4,284 1st child 417 5,004
2nd child 276 3,312 2nd child 336 4,032
3rd child 192 2,304 3rd child 252 3,024
4th child 102 1,224 4th child 162 1,944
5th child 74 888 5th child 134 1,608
*Fees subject to change at the school’s discretion

Additional Monthly Gifts

We do not receive funding from the government or any other external body, but keep the minimum contributions very low because the staff and supporters of the school wish to give maximum opportunity to as many families as possible. In this context we believe it is reasonable for families with higher incomes (who can often afford to contribute more) to consider making additional monthly gifts to make up some of the shortfall; a number of families pay a supplement between £30 and £120 per child per month. This is an entirely voluntary payment eligible for Gift Aid. We do recognise that every family’s situation is different (such as where income is made up solely or mainly from one parent and is somewhat less tax efficient; or where you are self-employed and your income varies). Please contact the Bursar at any time to discuss this further.