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Congratulations to the class of 2017, and to their teachers and parents, for their recent GCSE and other exam results. We thank God for all that they have been able to achieve and are grateful that all our students have progressed successfully onto their chosen courses in sixth form and college.

This was the first cohort that followed the new Upper School curriculum. We were pleased with their overall good performance in the core subjects and delighted with the excellent achievement of some students in their best subjects. We were also glad that through the Flexi-Ed programme, we have been able to provide a more diverse range of subjects than ever before. One student took GCSE in Product Design; another student was able to study both GCSE Law and Citizenship: two students studied Music and several achieved well in Art and in Performance Arts; the full course PE was also available for students with a particular aptitude for Sport.

This cohort was the first group to go through the Equipped to Serve programme. They threw themselves wholeheartedly into a wide and challenging range of activities, contributing enormously to the school, local and international community, with several also taking lead roles in our school production of The Hiding Place. 75% of the cohort also achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

We are very proud of their achievements in all aspects of their school lives.

Progress against school targets

We measure progress by using the CAT tests taken in Y8 to provide an initial base-line indicator of cognitive abilities and predicted GCSE grades. These predictors are then calibrated using other data relevant to the individual student to give a school minimum expected grade (MEG). Our analysis of progress against school targets shows that 75% of students achieved at or above the levels that would be predicted from their baseline test results overall, giving the school an overall progress score of (0.2) on the original Minimum Expected Grades. This compares with 0.45 in the previous year.

Attainment 8

Our overall attainment score in the eight subjects used to measure performance was 5.75, compared with last year’s score of 5.12 . Given the academic profile of the class, this was a good result.

Percentage with English and Maths at standard/strong pass level

The Department for Education has said that a score of 4 is regarded as a ‘standard pass’ with a score of 5 as a ‘strong pass’. The headline figure that will be cited in the performance tables is the strong pass (Grade 5) scores, although the standard pass measure (Grade 4) will also be given this year.

Our performance on these measures was 75% with strong passes in five GCSE, including both Maths and English and 88% with standard passes in five GCSEs including both Maths and English. Last year the figure for five GCSE at C or above, including Maths and English was 70%.

Percentage with EBacc

We are particularly pleased with the high proportion of students (75%) achieving the EBacc suite of qualifications compared with 30% the previous year. This is the result of a deliberate policy of concentrating on a core of academic GCSEs for most students, alongside a more diverse range of other GCSEs made possible through Flexi-Ed arrangements with parents and the wider school collaborative.

All core subjects (% with passes at Grade C or Grade 4/5)

2017 Grade 4
2017 Grade 5
2017 Grade C
2016 Grade C
English Language
English Literature
Science (Core)
Science (Additional)*
Religious Studies

* This is the percentage of students entered for the exam.


Click here to view official perfomance tables www.dfes.gov.uk

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