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Congratulations to the class of 2015, their teachers and parent on a good set of results. A determination to succeed propelled several students to achieve above expectations or in spite of significant difficulties in their lives. We give thanks for the grace of God upon their lives and commend them for their good work ethic.

The figures published by the DfE in January 2016 will not include the percentage gaining 5 or more A* - C grade qualifications but only the percentage of pupils achieving 5 or more A* - C grades including English and Maths. This year, the DfE figures will place more emphasis on the average points score per pupil.

Results for pupils taking GCSEs

Headline Results
Core Subjects Analysis

Option Subjects

With very small option groups (some as small as 3), the percentage figures lack statistically validity, as one student gaining an A* - C grade could account for the current year figures showing a 50% increase over the previous year and one student gaining less than C could account for a drop of 50%. However, there were good achievements in many option subjects, with 100% of students achieving good GCSEs in French, History, Geography and the new full course PE.

All Performance Arts students achieved Merit or Distinction in their Grade V or VI exams.

Progress Measurement

More useful for measuring our performance is an analysis of the progress of students against their minimum expected grades. These are based on their end of KS3 CAT predictors, which are calibrated against the students’ historical NFER scores, other objective assessment data and information about any special circumstances, to arrive at a school Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) which becomes the student’s target grade. We believe that this is the most meaningful way to set targets for both pupils and teachers, enabling us to hold out high expectations for pupils whilst giving them an achievable target to aim for, and enabling us to monitor effectively the quality of teaching and learning in different subjects.

Students Achievement Against Targets

100% of the cohort scored at or above their target grades in English Language, Additional Science, Religious Studies, Geography, French, Business Studies and Performance Arts. In Maths and Science, 92% reached or exceeded their predicted grades. For English Literature, the figure was 83%. In both ICT and History, 80% of students achieved their target grade. Two students took the full course PE this year for the first time, with both performing well against their target. Art and Graphics students were less successful with only 25% and 40% achieving their target grade.

Year 10 Results (exams taken a year early)

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