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Values and Ethos

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Values and Ethos
All schools impart some kind of assumptions and interpretation of life. At Christian Fellowship School you will find us refreshingly open about the faith basis from which we work. We represent a healthy mix of churches but all identify closely with the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith.

Choosing the school that will best represent your values to your child is one of the most important choices you will make. We have a policy of actively encouraging parental engagement in the life of the school, fostering an open environment as a good foundation for home/school relationships to develop; any difficulties that may arise will be addressed in this context. Please see the Parent Complaint Procedure.

Our name speaks of being Christian (Christ-centred), Fellowship (community) and School (providing education in partnership with parents).

In partnership with parents and the Christian Community we seek to provide an education which through Christ-centred relationships will develop the pupils’ characters and gifts and also lead them into God’s purposes for themselves, the church and the world.

To see young people who know God, understand His redemptive purposes in Christ, and are equipped to serve Him.

What We Offer...
A non-denominational, multi-ethnic Christian school; welcoming boys and girls of ages 4-16. Small family-school organised into Lower (ages 4-8), Middle (ages 8-13) and Upper (ages 13-16) schools; prioritising pastoral care. With active promotion of British Values, global citizenship and respect for all peoples.

A Christ-centred curriculum equipping young people to respond creatively to challenge, confidently to change and sensitively to diverse perspectives.

Mission in detail:
'Partnership with Parents' - means that we believe that God has given the responsibility for their children’s education to parents. The role of the school is to support them in that task. We see the parents as vital to the life of the school and the roles of the parents and school as complementary. Our pupils come from diverse backgrounds and a sense of community in the midst of diversity is valued.

'The Christian Community' - means the broad and varied community of churches and ministries which are seeking to serve God in this area. We are also a part of a national network of Christian schools with a vision for Christ-centred education. Our board of governors is a body of local Christian leaders. We seek to support the churches in their responsibilities to train and equip their young people to serve God.

'Provide an Education' - means not just merely communicating facts, but communicating that all knowledge comes from God and honours Him. We believe that this is a challenge to explore, investigate and learn to be responsible for God’s creation in all aspects of life.

'Christ-Centred Relationships' - means relationships which are based on love and respect for each other as valuable in God’s sight. It means security based on respect for authority as God’s means of care and protection in our lives. We acknowledge our need of prayer to maintain these relationships.

'Develop Character' - means establish the habit of making good moral choices, of maintaining right relationships with each other and with God. We strive to see the pupils grow in responsibility and perseverance.

'Develop Gifts' - means that each child is seen as a unique creation, having diverse abilities and potential. We aim to draw out these gifts and to give pupils the skills to use them to the full.

'God’s Purpose' - means that God has plans for and expectations of each of us which are unique and personal and are designed for our good. We want the pupils to be prepared to fulfil God’s plans for them both in the Church and in the world.

Vision in detail:
'Young people who know God' - means that their knowing God and entering into a relationship with Him are of primary importance to us.

'Understand God's redemptive purposes' - means that we want the children to understand God's unlimited ability to put right the effects of sin in their lives and in the world. We want them to recognise their potential and responsibility to be instruments to that end through their own obedience to Him. We are convinced that any work undertaken in obedience to God is a vocation and a ministry.

'Equipped to serve Him' - means that we want to provide them with the tools to fulfil their vocation in God.