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Find out more about what makes primary education special at CFS. We have a tailored session for parents interested in admissions to Reception or Years 1-3; you will hear from teachers, staff and parents as well as having plenty of time for questions in an informal atmosphere. See Facebook>

Value Agreement

The school exists to serve Christian families primarily. We expect prospective parents to have read the material on the web site, and be in agreement with the values and the concept of partnership. See Admissions Policy>

Academic requirements

We have mixed ability classes. Our aim is to maintain a fairly even spread of ability in each class. This enables us to keep the school as balanced and as inclusive as possible.

Special needs provision

It is important that any history of special needs is discussed fully at interview. As a mainstream school with an inclusion policy, a range of special learning needs will be addressed naturally in class by the adaptation of the classroom, use of learning aids, specially designed resources and appropriate learning targets etc. However, as a small school serving the whole of Merseyside, we cannot automatically cater for certain types or severities of special need. LA schools collectively share many resources and strategies between them in order to work out an inclusion policy over the city as a whole. One school alone cannot provide all the specialisms. Therefore, any provision required at CFS beyond what is possible for one class teacher to give within a mixed ability class, will need to be agreed with parents before a place can be confirmed. Read more about special needs.

Initial Assessment

Upon acceptance, we arrange for the new pupil to sit some standardised tests. This is not an entrance exam, and the results are used to help us in planning the pupil's learning needs.

Potential learning difficulties may show up from this screening. In such circumstances it may be necessary to have further discussion to consider how best to provide for the pupil's learning needs.


To assist the smooth running of the admisions procedure, school reports and any other educational assessments will be requested before interview. We may also ask for verbal reports from previous schools.